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In today’s rapid developing marketing environment, as well as domestic sensible consumers, the requirements for product packaging box printing are getting higher and higher, especially in the cosmetics industry. Customers are more and more critical about the aesthetics of printed packaging box. The varied packaging boxes of the domestic and international premium brands have been extremely exquisite, so in the fierce competition in the paper packaging industry, we Guangzou Risun-Print Co.,Ltd can stand out in varied paper packaging manufactures because in cosmetic packaging design, we are professional in providing One-Stop Specialty Packaging Solutions.

Case: AMES UNITED PTE (Singapore)

We have a customer from Singapore, paid a special and long-distance visit to us and have us to provide packaging solution. We are so thankful for this, the customer did chose Risun-Print after visited and compared other suppliers. Below is the requirement and market positioning of Cosmetic Hair Care Packaging Box from customer.

①Comprise: Outer Box + Inner Card

②Capacity: 180ml

Consumer Group: 30-45 years old

④Sales Territory: Vietnam, Southeast Asia, etc  Selling Price: USD23

Color: mainly orange

In response to the company's actual situation, we have made the following customized appearance and technology design according to the customer’s requirement of Hair Care Packaging Box:

1. Appearance Design

The entire shape of the hair care packaging box reflects the "simplified, light, soft" style, the main color is orange, we mainly adopt 60% orange and 40% black, highlighting the font of box model "266". The ingernious use of orange as the main color is the color is bright, black is stable and generous, the design of the middle stripe effectively solves the monotony caused by the blank between the upper and lower ends. Connecting with the model features on the cap, the orange and black colors on both sides reach an echo in 3D. The reverse side of the box is printed with a special color logo and a bottom color net printing, especially the ingenious hollow design at the top of Hair Care Packaging Box is an innovative die line design in recent years. In the inner frame, we also use a monochrome and special orange and hanging net design, highlighting the logo "YUN NAMR". Printing on both sides after 200g-250g matte coated reflect built-in additional object and shake adjustment skillfully.

2. Die-line and Box Shape Design

     Insert at the top, lock at the bottom, insert at the opposite direction without the safety lock

3. Process Design

    We use 5+1 special color orange printing, with eco friendly dumb oil which material is Sweden 350g white cardboard, craft is convex, bright dumb, stam, embossed, logo embossed & hot silvered and flat hot words in Ⓡ and "266" , the side of the orange on the side of the twill with black and white exposed convex, the front and back of the diagonal twill, the side of the black bottom twill is treated with a convex.

The twill on the side in orange is embossing with white exposed in black, the front and back sides embossing with twill, and the the twill on the side in black is also embossing processed.

It can be seen that choose an excellent Cosmetic Packaging Box Designer can guarantee your high-quality printing, meanwhile, we can provide one-step specialty packaging solution for your hair care packaging design products through the appropriate packaging design; perfectly display your product, effectively increase the added value of your products, and further improve the sales of your products. We Guangzhou Risun-Print Co.,Ltd is a professional packaging printing manufacturer with comprehensive strength, the design of the cosmetics hair care packaging box is unique.

With years of experience in professional design of custom cosmetic boxes and manufacture cosmetic packaging boxes, we provide customers with perfect pre-press, in-print and post-press services for cosmetic packaging boxes. It wins the favor of new and old customers with superb technology. The integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry.

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