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  • What Is UV Printing
    What Is UV Printing


    What is UV printing ? The UV Printing definition: Is a UV drying and curing ink through a printing process, need to match the ink and UV curing lamp containing photosensitizer. The UV printing concept: UV ink has Offset Printing, silk screen, inkjet, pad printing, and other fields, the traditional printing industry is refers to the UV printing quality effect craft, is what you want on a printed pattern live above a layer of light oil (light, matte, crystal Mosaic, golden onion powder, etc.), products mainly to increase brightness and artistic effect, protection product surface, its high hardness and corrosion resistance of friction, not easy to scratch and so on, some complex membrane products now instead of UV, can meet the environmental requirements, but the difficult adhesive, UV products some can only be addressed by local UV or polishing. The UV printing application: The application of UV printing is one of the most important content in the printing industry.There is no doubt that packaging products deep processing, such as: hot stamping, laminating, pressure bump, and variety of glazing applications already very common, special effects of glazing has become a trend.The rise of a variety of polishing technology owes much to the development of technology and the printer configuration.In cosmetic and cigarette package folding carton printing, sheet-fed offset printing machine occupies the absolute advantage.For those special part of offset printing is difficult to complete, can be achieved by screen printing or single gravure.At present many units glazing unit has become the most basic of sheet-fed offset press, through it can easily complete the special effect of glazing, cosmetics packaging often used some special material.Metal and aluminum paper, cardboard, composite paper and the polishing processing card, more and more widely applied in the field of cosmetics packaging, shows a steady growth momentum.Composite materials is already used to the new transparent plastic box packing.As a result of these substrates can't through the normal way of printing, and must pass the UV technology to achieve the desired effect, thus not only has been applied more and more UV glazing, UV printing ink usage is also more common.According to this trend, UV printing will become the future standard configuration, stable quality of printing job is no longer as luck.Powerful paper curing system is only the most basic configuration, middle unit curing is no longer a luxury equipment, these devices for the application of printing enterprises has provided a broad space, can fully meet the cosmetics industry all kinds of special requirements.UV printing process is mainly refers to using a dedicated UV ink on the UV printing machine to realize partial or whole UV printing effect, he mainly suitable for non absorptive materials printing, such as: gold, silver cardboard, pearl paper, transparent stickers, plastic, PVC, PE, grating, and so on.UV printing has colorful c...

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  • What Does It Mean CMYK In Printing Industry ?
    What Does It Mean CMYK In Printing Industry ?


    What Does It Mean CMYK In Printing Industry ? CMYK is called the printing color pattern, just as its name implies is used for printing, is a kind of rely on reflective colors  mode, similar to RGB, CMY is name the first letter of three kinds of printing ink: blue Color Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Magenta, Yellow.But K is the last letter of black, black can not taking the first letter is in order to avoid confused with Blue (Blue).In theory, only need CMY three ink is enough, they can be make black when three ink mixture together .However, current manufacturing process can not produce high purity of ink, CMY addition result is actually a kind of dark red. Compared and RGB, it has a very different: RGB mode is a kind of light color, you can still see in a dark room on the screen content; CMYK is a kind of rely on reflective colors  mode, how do we read the newspaper?By sunlight or lamplight illuminate to the newspaper, and reflection to our eyes, to see the content.It needs to have the light, if you can't read the newspaper in a dark room. As long as the image on the screen, is the performance of the RGB mode.As long as it is seen on print images, is CMYK mode.Such as journals, magazines, newspapers, posters, etc., are printed, so is the CMYK mode.

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  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging Boxes
    Environmentally Friendly Packaging Boxes


    Environmentally Friendly Packaging Boxes Our company recognizes that the composition of our products offers a unique opportunity to focus on the global environment, which prompted us to launch our line of environmentally friendly Packaging Boxes and products. It's our goal and corporate responsibility to promote both the reusability and recycling ability of all of our packaging boxes and bags .. Our direction in recent years has been to design more recyclable bags, as well as other packaging boxes , with extended life that keep the promotional messages they carry working longer and out of refuse cans and landfills. All our Paper Packaging products made from 100% recycled material and printed paper bags that are made from up to 40% recycled material and up to 20% of a non-petroleum calcium filler, which reduces the use of petroleum based resins by as much as 60%. Our environmentally friendly products, such as our 100% recyclable and reusable Bags are also made from recycled material that offers an excellent extended life comparable to similar woven good bags, like nylon or canvas. The non-woven material is non-allergenic, non-toxic and non-corrosive, making it safe for people and the environment. Yet, it does not end there! We will continue to explore other product options to help protect our environment. To see our full line of high quality Paper Packaging Boxes and Bags, click here.www. For more please click : http://www./

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  • Kevin Zou
    Kevin Zou

    Kevin zou profile Kevin zou who a sales in Risun-print company years.Have a good skill on print industry .Youth and smart .Good edcuational background ,graduate from normal univerisity .Representative Risun-print company attend the" Guangzhou Fair" and "Hongkong Fair" several years.All question about the paper packaging would get a perfect answer if talk with him.

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    Emily Yang

    Sales Emily Yang is a professional sales in our risun for almost three years. She is good at provide professional advise about packaging solutions. She is familiar with foreign trading process and printing craftwork. The order of luxury gift box is her advantage. Any questions, please do not hesitate to tell her.

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    Lucy Li

    Sales Lucy , a sales in Risunprint, works in the foreign trade department for years. She is familiar with foreign trading process and printing craftwork. Not only communicating with foreigners, but also providing suggestions about the craftwork of packaging boxes and bags are her strengths. Her professional and efficient response will make communication more smooth. Any questions and sample requires, please do not hesitated to let her know.

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    Alex Zhang

    Manager of the marketing department Alex Zhang,the manager of the marketing department of Risun-print company.Graduate from Guangzhou Univerisity in the year 2002 .He has won "Top 10 player "in the Guangzhou golfer amateur game in 2010. As a team's leader ,he not only good at how to managment team,but also have good knowledge of paper print industry .He was visit several customers company in Europe,communicate with clients for any demand of the business.Share information and give some help.He as a famours brand living in Risun-print company.

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