• Creative Hair Care Packaging Solution makes your sales grow rapidly
    Creative Hair Care Packaging Solution makes your sales grow rapidly


    In today’s rapid developing marketing environment, as well as domestic sensible consumers, the requirements for product packaging box printing are getting higher and higher, especially in the cosmetics industry. Customers are more and more critical about the aesthetics of printed packaging box. The varied packaging boxes of the domestic and international premium brands have been extremely exquisite, so in the fierce competition in the paper packaging industry, we Guangzou Risun-Print Co.,Ltd can stand out in varied paper packaging manufactures because in cosmetic packaging design, we are professional in providing One-Stop Specialty Packaging Solutions. Case: AMES UNITED PTE (Singapore) We have a customer from Singapore, paid a special and long-distance visit to us and have us to provide packaging solution. We are so thankful for this, the customer did chose Risun-Print after visited and compared other suppliers. Below is the requirement and market positioning of Cosmetic Hair Care Packaging Box from customer. ①Comprise: Outer Box + Inner Card ②Capacity: 180ml ③Consumer Group: 30-45 years old ④Sales Territory: Vietnam, Southeast Asia, etc  Selling Price: USD23 ⑤Color: mainly orange In response to the company's actual situation, we have made the following customized appearance and technology design according to the customer’s requirement of Hair Care Packaging Box: 1. Appearance Design The entire shape of the hair care packaging box reflects the "simplified, light, soft" style, the main color is orange, we mainly adopt 60% orange and 40% black, highlighting the font of box model "266". The ingernious use of orange as the main color is the color is bright, black is stable and generous, the design of the middle stripe effectively solves the monotony caused by the blank between the upper and lower ends. Connecting with the model features on the cap, the orange and black colors on both sides reach an echo in 3D. The reverse side of the box is printed with a special color logo and a bottom color net printing, especially the ingenious hollow design at the top of Hair Care Packaging Box is an innovative die line design in recent years. In the inner frame, we also use a monochrome and special orange and hanging net design, highlighting the logo "YUN NAMR". Printing on both sides after 200g-250g matte coated reflect built-in additional object and shake adjustment skillfully. 2. Die-line and Box Shape Design      Insert at the top, lock at the bottom, insert at the opposite direction without the safety lock 3. Process Design     We use 5+1 special color orange printing, with eco friendly dumb oil which material is Sweden 350g white cardboard, craft is convex, bright dumb, stam, embossed, logo embossed & hot silvered and flat hot words in Ⓡ and "266" , the side of the orange on the side of the twill with black and white exposed conv...

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  • One-stop specialty packaging solutions
    One-stop specialty packaging solutions


    In today's economic globalization, packaging and commodities have been integrated. Packaging is a comprehensive reflection of brand concept, product characteristics and consumer psychology, and directly affects consumers' desire to purchase. We always believe that “packaging” not only protects products, conveys product information, facilitates use, promotes sales, and increases product added value,but more important point is to establish a powerful means of product and consumer affinity. We Guangzhou Risun-Print Co.,Ltd, focus on the identification architecture planning of the brand's whole  series products packaging, systemizing the packaging, improving the terminal performance of the product value, and endeavoring to provide customers with one-step specialty packaging solution. Business Process as below: 1. Communication and negotiation: fully understand the customer’s products style intention, market positioning, and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of competitive products. 2. Group meeting: draft conception, box-shaped development, solving the inner structure layout of the placed products, and making white samples. 3. Design: implant product LOGO brand information, material selection, process design, making production sample. 4.Sample: Communicate with customers to design features, make sample or improve, and confirm sample for production. We Guangzhou Risun-Print Co.,Ltd takes "one-stop speciality packaging solution" as business philosophy, introduce advanced production equipment at home and abroad, we have perfect production process, which carries the trust and care from each customer. Facing challenges over and over again,we will not forget our original heart and strive to build a well-known brand in the packaging industry.

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  • What Is UV Printing
    What Is UV Printing


    What is UV printing ? The UV Printing definition: Is a UV drying and curing ink through a printing process, need to match the ink and UV curing lamp containing photosensitizer. The UV printing concept: UV ink has Offset Printing, silk screen, inkjet, pad printing, and other fields, the traditional printing industry is refers to the UV printing quality effect craft, is what you want on a printed pattern live above a layer of light oil (light, matte, crystal Mosaic, golden onion powder, etc.), products mainly to increase brightness and artistic effect, protection product surface, its high hardness and corrosion resistance of friction, not easy to scratch and so on, some complex membrane products now instead of UV, can meet the environmental requirements, but the difficult adhesive, UV products some can only be addressed by local UV or polishing. The UV printing application: The application of UV printing is one of the most important content in the printing industry.There is no doubt that packaging products deep processing, such as: hot stamping, laminating, pressure bump, and variety of glazing applications already very common, special effects of glazing has become a trend.The rise of a variety of polishing technology owes much to the development of technology and the printer configuration.In cosmetic and cigarette package folding carton printing, sheet-fed offset printing machine occupies the absolute advantage.For those special part of offset printing is difficult to complete, can be achieved by screen printing or single gravure.At present many units glazing unit has become the most basic of sheet-fed offset press, through it can easily complete the special effect of glazing, cosmetics packaging often used some special material.Metal and aluminum paper, cardboard, composite paper and the polishing processing card, more and more widely applied in the field of cosmetics packaging, shows a steady growth momentum.Composite materials is already used to the new transparent plastic box packing.As a result of these substrates can't through the normal way of printing, and must pass the UV technology to achieve the desired effect, thus not only has been applied more and more UV glazing, UV printing ink usage is also more common.According to this trend, UV printing will become the future standard configuration, stable quality of printing job is no longer as luck.Powerful paper curing system is only the most basic configuration, middle unit curing is no longer a luxury equipment, these devices for the application of printing enterprises has provided a broad space, can fully meet the cosmetics industry all kinds of special requirements.UV printing process is mainly refers to using a dedicated UV ink on the UV printing machine to realize partial or whole UV printing effect, he mainly suitable for non absorptive materials printing, such as: gold, silver cardboard, pearl paper, transparent stickers, plastic, PVC, PE, grating, and so on.UV printing has colorful c...

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Our Team
  • Kevin Zou
    Kevin Zou

    Kevin zou profile Kevin zou who a sales in Risun-print company years.Have a good skill on print industry .Youth and smart .Good edcuational background ,graduate from normal univerisity .Representative Risun-print company attend the" Guangzhou Fair" and "Hongkong Fair" several years.All question about the paper packaging would get a perfect answer if talk with him.

  • Emily Yang
    Emily Yang

    Sales Emily Yang is a professional sales in our risun for almost three years. She is good at provide professional advise about packaging solutions. She is familiar with foreign trading process and printing craftwork. The order of luxury gift box is her advantage. Any questions, please do not hesitate to tell her.

  • Lucy Li
    Lucy Li

    Sales Lucy , a sales in Risunprint, works in the foreign trade department for years. She is familiar with foreign trading process and printing craftwork. Not only communicating with foreigners, but also providing suggestions about the craftwork of packaging boxes and bags are her strengths. Her professional and efficient response will make communication more smooth. Any questions and sample requires, please do not hesitated to let her know.

  • Alex Zhang
    Alex Zhang

    Manager of the marketing department Alex Zhang,the manager of the marketing department of Risun-print company.Graduate from Guangzhou Univerisity in the year 2002 .He has won "Top 10 player "in the Guangzhou golfer amateur game in 2010. As a team's leader ,he not only good at how to managment team,but also have good knowledge of paper print industry .He was visit several customers company in Europe,communicate with clients for any demand of the business.Share information and give some help.He as a famours brand living in Risun-print company.

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